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Frequently Asked Questions
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How is NCTC here for you, or your student? Whether you're taking classes with NCTC or supporting someone in your life who is making NCTC their home, we want you to feel like a part of our family. There are a lot of things to navigate, so let's help you find the direction you need by reviewing all the most commonly asked questions!

Admissions & Testing

How do I get started with applying to NCTC, and which campus can I attend? add
  1. The first step is to complete the online application to NCTC through It’s free to apply! You will choose North Central Texas College-Gainesville, since we can only list one campus on ApplyTexas, however you are able to attend ANY campus after applying to NCTC.
  2. Review the NCTC Online Checklist for documents that may be required.
  3. Submit Meningitis Vaccination* Documents by emailing or texting them to (940) 374-4976.
    *If you are over the age of 22 or a Dual Credit Student taking class on your High School Campus you are exempt from this requirement. For more information about this vaccination and exemptions or objections you can review this link.
  4. Submit official transcripts from previous schools attended, such as your high school* if you just recently graduated or any other colleges attended, even if you have withdrawals or failing grades.
    *If you do not have a high school diploma then you will submit a copy of your GED-if you have not yet earned a diploma or GED you can still apply and begin taking classes at NCTC as you will be given a year to earn your high school diploma or equivalent.
Where can I find the forms that I need to complete for my admission to NCTC? add

Various Admissions forms can be found at the Helpful forms link on the website under the Admissions tab. Most of the forms are fillable PDF’s and can be emailed to

How can I track the progress of my application to NCTC? add

You will receive an email from with a link to your application tracker webpage where you can view any missing items and updates to your application status. Be sure to add this email address as a safe sender in your contact list as this is also how you will be notified when you are approved to register, and your information needed to set up your OneLogin to access the MyNCTC student portal!

Who needs to take the TSIA2 Assessment and how is this test scheduled? add
How can I get my TSIA2 Assessment scores from my previous school? add

You can request access to your TSIA2 score report online through your ACCUPLACER Student Portal. Or you can also verify if your TSIA2 scores are on any transcripts you have sent to NCTC. If the TSIA2 test score is no more than 5 years old and you are transferring to NCTC from another Texas college or university, you can also submit an Authorization Form for Cross Institution Score Reporting online and allow up to 3 days for processing during peak periods.

What forms of ID can be used for TSIA2 testing? add

You must have a current (non-expired) government or college-issued Photo ID with a recognizable photo. If you do not have the required government-issued ID, please complete the College Board Test Taker ID Form.

How often can I retest on the TSIA2, and what if I get a higher score when I retest? add

There is no limit to how often a student can retest any or all sections of the TSIA2 Assessment to improve scores; however, applicable testing fees are required. Download the official TSIA2 Study App for FREE! Go to the Accuplacer site to create a free account, select Texas Success Initiative (TSIA2) Practice Tests and then you will have access to free TSIA2 study resources! If a student retakes any portion of the TSIA2, NCTC will always use the higher score.

What happens if I don’t pass a section of the TSIA2 Assessment-can I still enroll in classes? add

Yes! The TSIA2 Assessment, or any previous placement test scores you have posted on a transcript from another Texas school, let us know what classes you need to start with in order to be successful. If you don’t pass one or more sections it just means you will take a preparatory class or an integrated class along with your other college courses. Your advisor will help you enroll in the classes that are most appropriate for your major since you will not be able to enroll online if you need preparatory or integrated courses.

What if I need to schedule the GED, CLEP, or TEAS test? add

Currently the GED, CLEP, and TEAS are offered in a limited basis due to social distancing and remote proctoring services focusing on the TSIA2 Assessment. However you can consult the NCTC Testing Center site for current updates, and also search the GED, CLEP, and TEAS websites directly to locate alternative testing locations. For questions regarding how TEAS testing delays may impact enrollment into one of our Health Science programs, please follow up with one of our contacts below:

What is the difference between a Dual Credit student and an Early Admit student? add

Both the Dual Credit and Early Admit students are still in high school. A Dual Credit student taking courses at NCTC needs those courses to meet the requirements for their High School diploma. The Early Admit student is a senior in high school taking courses at NCTC that are not needed for their high school diploma.

I am currently in the United States on a Visa. Can I attend your college? add

Certain visa holders are eligible to attend college. For more information, please email

What if I want to enroll for classes in a later semester than what I applied for originally? add

You need to inform the Admissions office that you want to move your application forward to the next term. You can send an email to or text an Enrollment Guide at (940) 374-4976.

I know all of my transcripts are required for admission, so where do I send them? add

If this is your first semester at NCTC, you can send unofficial transcripts from previous schools to in order to expedite the application process. However your official transcripts will be needed by the 12th class day of your first semester otherwise a registration hold will go on your account until they are received.

You can have your official transcripts sent electronically via eScript or Parchment, or to, or can mail official transcripts to:

North Central Texas College
ATTN: Office of Admissions
1525 W. California St.
Gainesville, TX 76240

I have completed courses at another college. How do I get my credits applied? add

Your official transcripts must be on file with NCTC in order for credits to be evaluated by completing a Transcript Evaluation form, located under the Admissions Helpful Forms.

How do I update my email address, mailing address or phone number? add

Using your OneLogin link, access the MyNCTC student portal and select the Student Services tab, then the menu option Update My Contact Information on the left-hand side. You can also submit a Records Maintenance form to along with a copy of your photo id.

How do I complete the Transfer 101 requirement? add

All new transfer students applying to NCTC for the first time will be required to complete the Transfer 101 Orientation. You will be emailed a link from to access the online Transfer 101 material and quiz.

What is an academic year, term, or subterm? add

An academic year begins in the Fall and continues through the Spring and Summer semesters. A term is defined as a 16-week semester, such as Fall and Spring. A subterm is part of the overall term, with courses that are offered in a more condensed format such as 8-weeks, or 4 to 5-weeks like Wintermester, Maymester, or the Summer sessions. You can look at how to combine classes in all different terms and subterms here!

Why do I have a hold on my account? add

Please read the details of the hold listed on your MyNCTC account as there should be specific information about the hold and how to resolve it. If you see a hold and are unsure how to proceed with removing it, please contact or text an Enrollment Guide at (940) 374-4976.

Advising, Completion Center & Career Services

How do I know who my advisor is? add

At NCTC, students are assigned to a specific advisor or success coach based on their major or career interests. All first-time college students (even previous Dual Credit students) are required to visit with an advisor or success coach before enrolling in their first semester as a full-time college student-we want to make sure you get started on the track! To locate your advisor go to the Meet Your Advisor Page. For general questions you can also:

  • Email
  • Send a text to (940) 580-1687
  • Visit the ALL NCTC STUDENTS-ADVISING group in Canvas (student portal for online classes) which has helpful videos and materials on choosing your major and class scheduling.
How do I choose a major or know what I want to do at NCTC? add

Don’t know what you want to major in, or what NCTC offers? You can review all of our programs/major options here and our various academic transfer pathways. We also have courses available through our Adult Continuing Education division. It’s a good idea to do some free career exploration to determine how your interests and strengths match up with potential occupations and majors.

What if I am unsure of my major, can I change it at any time? add

Yes, you can always change your major. We recommend you meet with your advisor or success coach before changing it though to discuss all your options, and to make sure all the classes you are taking are relevant for your current or updated major. You can also email regarding a change of major.

How can I find my degree or certificate plan on MyNCTC, showing me courses I need? add

Here’s how to locate your Advising Worksheet on MyNCTC which also shows your your assigned advisor and your cumulative GPA. Make sure your major you have listed is correct and if not, contact to have your major updated.

Where do I go on MyNCTC to search for classes, or to add/drop classes to my schedule? add

Even without logging into MyNCTC, you can look for what classes are available for upcoming semesters by going to the Find Courses tab. If you are already a student, use your OneLogin link to access the MyNCTC student portal-go to the Student Services tab then select the Registration menu option on the left-hand side to access the Add/Drop-Course Search and Registration option for class scheduling. Be sure to take advantage of Lion365 as well and schedule your classes for an entire academic year (Fall, Spring, and Summer)!

How do I know if a class will transfer to another university? add

If it is to another school in the state of Texas, you can refer to the Texas Common Course Numbering System website. This allows you to compare two institutions and the transferable classes.

We also have transfer guides for certain universities located on our Counseling & Advising Transfer page. Ultimately, it is the intended transfer university that will verify which credits and courses will transfer, so make sure to contact an advisor in your intended major at your transfer university.

Remember NCTC advisors and success coaches are here to help you ask the right questions of your transfer university so you can get the right answers!

I can’t add my classes online through MyNCTC- Help! add

Issues that may impact online registration include first-time student status, TSIA2 placement level, certificate majors, and/or prerequisite issues.

  • If you are a first-time college student and have not already visited with an advisor, then you will not be able to register online yet-meeting with an advisor or success coach will remove this hold and allow you to enroll in classes through MyNCTC (the student portal). Dual Credit students may be approved to register online through MyNCTC or may have to be enrolled in classes by their Dual Credit
  • If you have not been exempted or passed all sections of the TSIA2 Assessment then you do need to have an advisor or success coach enroll you in classes based on your placement
  • Certificate majors also need to be enrolled by their advisor or program, since several of these programs require special admission or skills Also because certificate majors do not require TSIA2. Without being TSIA2 complete, you are limited to only those courses within the certificate program.
Students who have transcripts that have not yet been evaluated for transfer work to be applied may need an advisor to enroll them in courses that require prerequisite completion (ex. a student who completed Algebra at UNT but course has not yet been applied to NCTC transcript, will need assistance adding CHEM 1411).
What is The Completion Center, and who are Success Coaches? add

The Completion Center provides a variety of services for first-time in college students such as academic success coaching, goal setting, course planning (advising and registration), student resources, career development, and job placement services for all new college students. Free online Success Seminars are also available through Student Lingo and new students will also enroll in a First Year Experience (NCTC 1001) course to get started on the right track!

Success coaches are individuals from various backgrounds who are familiar with the challenges of higher education, and primarily serve first-time in college students at NCTC who want to see positive changes made in their lives. If you are having challenges, struggling academically or personally, and are considering giving up on school or dropping out, please visit with a success coach. They will help from the time you first step onto campus (virtually) through your graduation. You'll work individually with a success coach to come up with a plan for your success, learn how to build healthy relationships, and improve your ability to communicate.

Students are assigned to either a success coach or an advisor during their first semester at NCTC-this assignment is based on your major, campus location, and student status (first-time in college, transfer student, returning student, etc.). Both success coaches and advisors assist you with all the services outlined above and partner with you on your educational journey at NCTC. Make an appointment to speak with your advisor or coach through our Meet Your Advisor page or look for our email, text, and phone numbers for both the Completion Center and Advising Office on our Student Services page.
What does the Career Services Center provide? add

NCTC Career Services is ready to help you meet your career goals. Whether you are aiming to start a new career, in need of job placement and resources, deciding on a major, or looking to practice your interview skills; we are here to help! Services are provided to all current NCTC students and alumni.

Visit our Career Services page for free access to online career assessments, seminars, and job search tools. You can also make an appointment with a Career Coach by visiting the Meet Your Advisor page or by reviewing the email, text, and phone contact information on our Student Services page.

Classes, Campus Safety & Resources

Am I able to come to campus, and how are classes being offered? add

All NCTC campuses are open! Please see information below regarding all you need to know before coming to campus, and what to expect when you are on campus, as the safety of our students and the community is a priority. The majority of Student Services will still be delivered through all the virtual formats we have available (in addition to in-person) as we know lives are in flux and coming to campus to access needed services may not be realistic, so let us come to you wherever YOU are! 

Classes are scheduled to be both online and in-person, with some classes using a synchronous online format-this means virtual lectures with your instructor in real time, and even somce science labs online! For courses that require a hands-on component, such as some technical and health science courses like welding, nursing, or upper level science courses, these will take place on campus at the days and times listed in the class schedule.

What can I expect when I come on campus and how is NCTC ensuring health and safety? add

As of June 2021, all NCTC Campuses are following the state guidelines related to COVID so we will no longer require daily temperature checks, SinePro check-ins, or the wearing of mask-however we continue to maintain a safe, healthy, and sanitized environment. Access to buildings can be made from any entry point, and checking into the office you need through our virtual line prior to coming to any campus is recommended as we are able to provide many of our services remotely! Stay up to date with the latest information on our NCTC COVID-19 Student Dashboard as well.

Do NCTC students have access to healthcare and related services? add

Yes! We care about your overall wellness and believe you should not have to choose between your health and your education-and now you have access to both as a student at NCTC! TimelyCare provides access to 24/7 medical and mental telehealth care from anywhere in the United States, 365 days a year, with no cost at the time of visit-no insurance required!

NCTC students can use the following services available through TimelyCare:

  • TalkNow: on-demand access to a mental health professional to talk about anything at anytime
  • Scheduled Counseling: scheduled virtual appointments to speak to a licensed counselor
  • Medical: on-demand access to a medical provider that can treat a wide range of illnesses and can also virtually assess COVID-19 symptoms
  • Health Coaching: access to a nutritional specialist to help adopt healthier sleeping and eating habits

There is NO COST for enrolled NCTC students. Visit NCTC’s TimelyCare to register on the TimelyCare App with your NCTC student email address from any web-enabled device – smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop.

If you don't know your NCTC student email please contact, or if you cannot register through the TimelyCare App to utilize services please call 833-484-6359 for 24 hour support.

You can also locate various other agencies and services providing assistance with childcare, housing, food, counseling, and financial assistance on our Community Resources and Wellness pages!

Do I still have access to the NCTC Libraries and the Bookstore? add

Our physical libraries and Bookstores are open! Check the hours for your nearest NCTC library location, and in Corinth you will be able to check into the library in advance through the virtual line! Online resources, journal databases, and research materials remain available and you can "Ask a Librarian" any research related questions or schedule a virtual meeting with a librarian!

NCTC Bookstores offer online ordering, order pickup at your closest campus location, or you can have books shipped directly to you. You can also use the Bookstore website to search for the textbooks required for your classes!

Will there be transportation between the Denton County campuses and food services offered at the Gainesville Campus? add

DCTA is limiting their routes and NCTC shuttles running between the Denton County campuses at this time. Visit with one of our NCTC counselors if you need assistance locating resources to assist you with transportation or other community services!

Great Western Dining is offering mobile food ordering and pickup -just download the Clover App, select the items you want, set up your method of payment, and then pick up your food in the cafe located in the Gainesville Student Union building!

Each campus also has their own food pantry and some have mobile food banks, so be sure to check the locations and schedule here!

How can I access my classes online if I don’t have the technology, and/or my OneLogin is not working? add

NCTC is increasing its Wifi hotspots in and around our campuses so even if buildings are closed, you can utilize the Wifi from our parking lots if you are a current student. If you don’t have reliable access, please review the Internet and Wifi Assistance options and the financial assistance section located in our Community Resource list. You can also contact the Financial Aid Office if you have completed the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) to see if you qualify for federal or state funds which can help with technology expenses, and NCTC does have some emergency funds as well as Chromebooks, which your advisor or success coach can request on your behalf, or through the NCTC Foundation Office.

Even if you don’t have a laptop, tablet, or computer you can access your courses through the Canvas App which can be downloaded through the Apple or Google Play stores. Be sure to visit and bookmark our eLearning site for helpful tips and videos regarding how to be successful in online classes and navigating Canvas (NCTC’s online learning platform), as well as links to submitting a help desk ticket for any online course issues. Make sure to contact your instructor if you find yourself having connectivity issues at any time-communication with your instructor is essential!

For questions or problems with your NCTC student account such as OneLogin or setting up your student email you can visit the Information Technology Services (ITS) site or contact NCTC’s ITS Help Desk through or (940) 668-4284.

How can I still get help from my instructor online or through tutoring? add

Online classes can be a challenge and we understand this, however they are also adaptable to whatever may be going on in your life right now! Your instructors are aware that there are varying learning style and they are here to help you. Please be honest with your instructor about any challenges you are having and set up a time to visit with them through their virtual office hours. Free online tutoring is also available from Upswing, which you will access through your OneLogin/Canvas account as well as in-person tutoring options this Fall offered through Student Success!

Do I need to get a parking pass if I will be coming to campus for classes or services? add

You can request your FREE NCTC Parking Pass online, including a pass to park in the Denton parking garage if you are attending classes at our Downton Denton campus!

Business Office

How is my tuition rate determined? add

The tuition rate is determined by a student’s permanent legal place of residence and the responses to a series of residency questions on the Apply Texas application for admission.

  • In-District-Residents of Cooke County
  • In-District Branch Campus-Resident of Graham ISD Service Area
  • In-State-All other Texas residents as well as residents of Oklahoma counties bordering Cooke County who, due to reciprocal agreement, pay the same tuition rate as Texas
  • Out-of-State-In addition to residents of states other than Texas, this also includes international students; citizens of any country other than the United
Why am I being charged out of state tuition when I have lived in Texas for years, or why is my tuition rate showing $10,000 or more? add

The $10,000 rate is an error which means your residency status is not being calculated correctly and can easily be corrected by contacting If you feel you should be getting charged an In-state tuition rate, review your Admissions Checklist items for extra documents you may need to provide to establish Texas state residency. You can reach out to an Enrollment Guide at to help you and review your application.

How can I get or set up my student ID/debit card and where can I use it? add

You can contact our Business Office at or by calling (940) 668-4200 for any questions about your NCTC student ID/debit card and how to have this card issued or setting up how refunds are routed. Visit our Business Office page for new information about getting your debit card issued by mail! So you would only need to come to campus to get a photo ID issued, however the student debit card can be issued directly through Herring Bank by following the steps outlined here!

Once you are registered for classes, through your OneLogin you will access MyNCTC and make a choice for your Direct Deposit Designation. If you have been unable to receive your NCTC student debit card, at this time, your disbursement or refund will be mailed to your address on file with NCTC.

Once I register for classes, when is payment due? add

Payment arrangements need to be made based on the schedule located on our Lion365 page. How quickly you need to set up payment depends on the time of registration, and how far in advance you are enrolling for a future semester. Payment arrangements include paying in full, setting up an online payment plan, accepting your awarded Financial Aid, or having an approved agreement for payment by a third party such as your employer, a tuition waiver, scholarship, etc.

How do I know how much I owe? add

You can access your account balance by using your OneLogin link to access the MyNCTC student portal and click on the Student Services tab. From there you will choose the Financial option on the left-hand menu and then choose My Account Balances in the Payment Options window. Be sure to select the correct semester and year when looking for your fee statement. NCTC periodically sends out emails and/or text messages to anyone with an outstanding balance; auto-generated emails normally go out within 24 hours of adding or dropping a course to prompt you to check your account balance.

How do I pay online or set up a payment plan? add

Using your Laptop or Personal Computer

  • Using your OneLogin link, access the MyNCTC
  • Next, select “Student Services” tab at the top of the
  • Then, select “Financial” on the left side of
  • Once on the Financial page, scroll down to “Payment Options” and select the correct term in the drop-down
  • You will then have the option to set up a payment plan, or pay

Using your SmartPhone

  • Using your OneLogin link, access the MyNCTC
  • Next, tap the three lines at the top left of the page and scroll to “StudentServices.”
  • Once on the Student Services page, tap the blue circle with the arrow at the bottom of the screen and select “”
  • Once on the Financial page, scroll down to “Payment Options” and select the correct term in the drop-down
You will then have the option to set up a payment plan, or pay in full.
Where do I find my 1098T form for income taxes? add
  • Go to
  • If the student qualifies for one (paid some out of pocket), you will find it there. (If tuition is Covered by grants/scholarships/third parties, the student may not qualify to receive one, as no out-of-pocket)
  • Once there, click on “Access my Record”
  • It will ask for your social security number, last name, and a You will not have a Password, so leave that blank and hit “continue.”

At this point it will ask you to create a password; you should then be able to print your form.

Financial Aid & Scholarships

What is NCTC’s school code for the FAFSA application, and how do I apply for aid? add

Visit our Financial Aid page for step-by-step instructions on completing the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and know that you can apply for aid even before completing your application for admission to NCTC. The school code for NCTC on the FAFSA is 003558.

Remember there is no charge to complete this application so beware of other websites charging a fee to help you apply for aid! You can receive assistance with the FAFSA directly from an Enrollment Guide or Financial Aid advisor by contacting or
When is the first day I can complete a FAFSA and what if I don’t have my tax returns? add

The FAFSA opens up on October 1st each year, which means starting on October 1st and at any point afterwards you can apply for aid for the NEXT academic year. For example, if you are starting or continuing college in Fall 2021, then on October 1st, 2020 you will be able to complete your FAFSA for the 2021-2022 academic year which includes Fall, Spring, and Summer. If you have not completed your tax returns yet that does not prevent you from applying as FAFSA allows you to use your “prior, prior” years’ returns. So for the 2021-2022 application you can use your tax returns from 2019.

What if I have more specific questions about Financial Aid? add

You can visit our Frequently Asked Questions page as there are lots of different scenarios to consider with federal and state aid. Don’t get overwhelmed-always ask questions and contact for anything you need to know!

What does it mean to be a full time or part time student? add

Being a full-time student means you are enrolled in at least 12 credit hours, which is normally 4 classes, so part time is taking less than 12 credit hours. Most certificate programs are around 30 hours/10 classes and most degree programs are around 60 hours/20 classes, so keep in mind the fewer classes you take in a semester the more semesters you will need to attend NCTC in order to complete your program. This could also include taking classes during the Summer or subterms (8-week courses, Wintermester, and/or Maymester).

You can still be eligible for Financial Aid (Pell Grants and Loans) if you are taking at least 6 hours, it just means your Pell Grant amount is adjusted to a portion of what you would receive if you were taking at least 12 hours and attending full time.

What is the priority date for filling out a FAFSA? add

May 1st is the FAFSA Priority deadline for Fall, October 1st is the FAFSA Priority deadline for Spring, and March 1st is the FAFSA Priority deadline for Summer-this means students who apply before these dates have a better chance of being awarded more funds, if they qualify, however you can complete the FAFSA at any time during the year! Give yourself enough time to apply before the first semester you plan to attend, though, since the average processing time for the FAFSA is 4-6 weeks.

When will I receive my Financial Aid refund? add

You should receive your Financial Aid refund by the end of September for Fall Semester and the end of February for the Spring Semester. Other refunds normally take two weeks from the time you see a “posted” credit balance on your account.

What if I am in need of financial assistance, in addition to the aid I’m receiving through the FAFSA? add

The NCTC Foundation provides scholarships to assist students, including Dual Credit students who are not already receiving a grant based on their free or reduced lunch program status. The deadlines for scholarships are April 15th for the Fall and Summer semesters and October 15th for the Spring semester. Students can visit the Scholarship page and follow the instructions to apply for NCTC scholarships, and also to search for other opportunities outside of NCTC. If a student has an immediate emergency, faculty and staff can complete an Emergency Fund Request Form (located in MyNCTC under the Fac/Staff tab) on behalf of the student.

Registrar’s Office & Graduation

How much does an official transcript cost and how do I order one? add

The cost of an electronic transcript is $3.25, or the cost is $3.25 plus shipping for a mailed transcript. You can order your official transcript online following the instructions here for Current Students or Former Students or contact

What is the difference between a drop and a withdrawal? add

A drop is done before the official date of record (12th class day) and the course will not show on your transcript. Depending on when a course is dropped you may or may not be eligible for a refund, so please consult our Business Office Refund Schedule.

A withdrawal is requested by the student (or the instructor, depending on their attendance policy) after the official date of record and a grade of “W” will be on your transcript. You can view the date of record and withdrawal deadlines on the Academic Calendars for Fall 2021 through Spring and Summer 2022 or Fall 2022 through Spring and Summer 2023

Before dropping or withdrawing from a course talk to your instructor, advisor or success coach at NCTC so they can discuss options for remaining in the course and completing it successfully, and limiting any potential money owed back to the college or Financial Aid.

What is my GPA and how is Academic Standing determined? add

GPA stands for Grade Point Average*. It is calculated by taking into account the number of credit hours a student has taken as well as the grade earned in each course. A cumulative GPA of 2.0 GPA is the minimum required to maintain good academic standing and to graduate from NCTC.

  • Good Academic Standing – Cumulative GPA of 0 or higher AND most current Fall or Spring GPA is a 2.0 or higher
  • Academic Probation – Cumulative GPA is below 0 after a Fall or Spring semester OR a transfer student on Suspension from his/her previous university is on Probation immediately in the first semester at

NCTC Students are informed of Probation status through a notification sent to both their personal and student e-mail accounts, as well as a notation on their transcript. Probation status remains in effect until a student earns a 2.0 cumulative GPA and/or continues to earn Fall and Spring semester GPA’s of at least a 2.0. After Academic Probation, a student may move to:

Good Academic Standing – Cumulative GPA returns to at least 2.0 following their next Fall or Spring semester.

Continued Probation – Cumulative GPA is below 2.0 AND Fall or Spring term GPA is at or above 2.0 so student is making progress towards repairing their cumulative GPA.

Academic Suspension – Cumulative GPA is below 2.0 AND Fall or Spring term GPA is below 2.0. Students receive emails to both their NCTC and personal email accounts regarding their Suspension status, a Suspension hold is also placed on their account and listed on their transcript. Students also receive an email from the Suspension Appeal group in Canvas.

*When a course taken at NCTC is repeated at NCTC, only the higher grade is used to calculate yourGPA. However, not all colleges or universities only use the higher grade. It is best to check with your intended transfer institution regarding how they will calculate your GPA if you have repeated coursework.

How do I dispute a grade I received at NCTC? add

Students can complete the Grade Appeal process outlined in the NCTC catalog.

How do I apply for graduation and is there a fee? add

Applying for graduation is free! Using your OneLogin link, access the MyNCTC student portal and select the Student Services tab. From there, scroll down and select Graduation Application. Follow the prompts to complete the application, and then submit. It is important that you have already set up your Lionpride/NCTC student email account prior to applying for graduation. If you have any questions about your application or the status of your diploma you can contact our Graduation Coordinator at

I’ve already applied for graduation. When will I hear back? add

In 7-10 business days, you will receive an email to your NCTC account regarding your graduation status. Typically, the diplomas will be mailed 6-8 weeks after graduation. If you received any loans during your time at NCTC, you will be required to complete exit counseling. Your account will be placed on hold until the process is completed. Please be sure to check with the NCTC Business Office for any additional holds as well.

If I am going to finish my hours over the Summer, when can I apply to graduate? add

You can apply for graduation during the Spring semester and finish the necessary hours during the Summer semester, then your diploma will be mailed after the Summer ends.

What is reverse transfer? add

If you transfer to a University before completing an Associate’s degree at NCTC, you can transfer your university courses back to NCTC to be evaluated and determine if you qualify for a degree!

Student Life & Residence Life

Do you have on campus housing? add

NCTC has dorms on our Gainesville campus that are designated for our student athletes, who are typically required to live on campus. For more information contact or call (940) 668-4259.

How do I get involved in Student Life at NCTC? add

Students can get involved by participating in virtual student activities, honor societies, student organizations, volunteering opportunities, and campus recreation. If you have not done so, Download the NCTC App, to get connected with other students, buy/sell your books, and find out about upcoming activities. Follow NCTC Student Life on social media @lifeatnctc via Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat, and Facebook!

How do I create a student organization? add

Creating a student organization is very easy at NCTC. You just need 7 students, a part-time or full-time NCTC employee to advise your organization and some paperwork. Refer to the Student Organization website for a detailed list of requirements and current NCTC student groups.

Are Student Life activities free? add

Our on-campus and virtual activities are free, our off-campus activities are free or at a reduced cost for students. For more information contact or call (940) 668-3330.

Can I bring my friends that are non-NCTC students and/or my kids to these activities? add

Currently enrolled NCTC students can participate in all of what Student Life offers. Students may invite their families and friends to any livestream activity and for a few on campus events that are open to the community, which include the Easter Egg Hunt and Black History Celebration.

Student Success (Tutoring & Disability Services)

What type of tutoring does Student Success provide and what is the process for a student to receive tutoring? add

All tutoring is available 24/7 using Upswing for currently enrolled students as well as in-person tutoring options offered through Student Success! The online tutoring is accessed through the Canvas portal. 

  • Writing-The Student Success Center provides tutoring for any academic writing assignment. Students can schedule an appointment to meet with one of our writing tutors virtually. Assignments can be submitted online in Upswing using your One LOGIN credentials and can also be found in
  • Math-Students who need help with any math class may visit Upswing using your One LOGIN credentials and can also be found in Canvas.
Who are the contacts for the Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD)? add
  • Wayne Smith – NCTC Denton CountyCampuses (940) 498-6207,
  • Yvonne Sandmann – NCTC Gainesville, Bowie, and Graham Campuses (940) 668-3300,
What kind of documentation is needed to receive OSD services? add

Providing adequate documentation is necessary to receive the appropriate accommodations. A student’s FIE (Full Individual Evaluation) includes the testing information needed for basic accommodations. Any additional documentation or testing is helpful in order to provide accommodations for more specific academic needs.

Division Of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion: Everyone Counts

How does NCTC define student success? add

Student success is progress towards collegiate goals, reached in an affordable and timely manner, under professional guidance, empowering students to serve skillfully in their chosen role within their community.

How does the NCTC iDREAM Plan (Achieving the Dream) define equity? add

Equity encompasses the practice of acknowledging individual differences and systemic disparities when developing new programs and resources for our campus community, which may sometimes challenge our own beliefs and assumptions, in order to ensure balanced educational opportunities toward completion.

View the iDREAM Plan

What are Employee Resource Groups? add

NCTC has formed the following Employee Resource Groups (ERG’s) to provide support for our campus community, with active involvement from our staff and faculty. An Employee Resource Group is a voluntary, employee-led group that assists the college in creating an environment and culture that is welcoming and supportive of all employees and students, particularly those individuals who are members of historically underrepresented populations. ERG’s are supported by the Division of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.

  • PEAK (Pride Education Advocacy Knowledge) is NCTC’s LGBTQ+ Employee Resource Group
  • ALMA (Advocacy, Leadership, Mentorship, and Action) is NCTC’s Latinx Employee Resource Group
  • Alliance Against Injustices (AAI) is NCTC’s Black/African American/African Descent Employee Resource Group
  • Other ERG’s will be formed throughout the Academic Year
What are Affinity Groups for students? add

Staff and faculty representing the Employee Resource Groups (ERG’s), along with academic advisors, counselors and success coaches, serve as mentors for NCTC’s student-centered Affinity Groups

An Affinity Group is a population of students who have specific needs, barriers or systems they are needing to navigate not only within college, but within life. Providing mentorship, support and resources for identified Affinity Groups such as Black/African American students, veterans and active military, single parents, students with disabilities, adult learners, Latinx, LGBTQ+ and students who have experienced foster care and/or homelessness, enables us to make more impactful, meaningful connections with students who are in dire need of equity and understanding.